About Us

We are a small Aussie business based in Melbourne offering imaginative and original creative packs for all ages, abilities and occasions. We offer free shipping anywhere in Australia.

As art educators, teaching kids, teens and adults for over 15 years, we believe everyone can be creative with the right tools and guidance. There is no such thing as ‘I can’t paint or draw’. We are all artists. Some just have more practice than others.

We have spent considerable time designing precise, succinct and easy to follow step-by-step instructions with accompanying photos and/or pictures, to help you create a unique piece of artwork from scratch. By following our instructions, you will achieve the best outcome for your artwork. Our packs have been tested across a range of age groups, to ensure they are suitable.

All of our packs contain high quality art products and materials, at very affordable prices. We have also designed our own stencils, included with all canvas painting packs.

Any of our packs can be purchased as a gift for a birthday, special occasion or to keep kids or yourself entertained. We have something for everyone regardless of artistic abilities and interests. Our packs cater for complete beginners through to more advanced artists. You don’t need any previous experience in painting, drawing or clay making.